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Arab, Alabama Cash Mobs Local Bussiness

May 31, 2013Click to subscribe
Time10:00 AM

About This Cash Mob:

Are you all excited about the cash mob coming up? We will all meet at the park on the corner of Hwy 69 and Main Street. (The park with the statue) at 10 a.m. on the morning of June 15th! Bring your $10 or $20, whichever you can afford to contribute to the "mob". We'll take a group picture, the shop being mobbed will be announced and off we'll go to have fun.

The rules are simple.... spend the amount you committed to (hopefully on something amazingly cool and fun) - introduce yourself to someone you've not met before (to make a amazingly cool and fun new friend) - and enjoy yourself (because you are amazing and fun!)!

See you at the statue, 10 a.m. June 15th!

The cash mob will be meeting at Tuttle Thompson Park, Corner of Hwy 69 and Main Street, at the statue.

More Information

What type of business is being mobbed?

Local Small Retailer

Why is this business worthy of a cash mob?

A cash mob at the local small retailers will support our friends and neighbors that make up the retail community of our small town!

What makes this business unique?

We're supporting a business owned by a friend and neighbor!

A little more about Arab, Alabama:

Arab is in North Alabama, about 20 minutes south of Huntsville. Our town is in the middle of a huge revitalization project for our downtown where a large number of our small locally owned shops are located. City leaders just designated the downtown as a "historic district" and lots of exciting plans are in the works. In conjunction with the revitalization, our city is pushing a large "shop local" program and the cash mobs are an extension of that thought!


  • The mob date and meeting location will be announced at least a week in advance via Facebook, Twitter, text and/or email. The actual store being mobbed will be kept secret from the "mobbers" until everyone is gathered at the meeting location.
  • The amount we request you commit to spend is $10-$20, although you can spend more if you wish.
  • The business must have products that cost less than $20.
  • The business must be locally owned and independently operated.
  • The business owner will be notified in advance (so they have extra help lined up) and must approve the Cash Mob.
  • Cash Mobbers are requested to join us for celebratory sodas after the successful mob, at various local diners, coffee houses, etc.. (to be announced at each event)
  • Cash Mob Arab, Alabama will generally be held on Saturdays.
  • Pictures of the group before, during and after the mobbing will be posted to our various websites including Facebook, blogs, twitter. Local media will be invited to cover the events also.
  • Non-profit charity events may also be included from time to time including canned food drives, etc.. held in conjunction with the Cash Mob./li>