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California Cash Mobs

The state of California has struggled along with many other states since the economic downturn. Small business owners are pessimistic about the future of California's economy and their potential for long-term survival in the current economic climate. Many factors come into account when determining whether a small business is successful, but the most important is profit.

Small business owners in California have struggled due to reduced spending by tourists combined with rising costs. Business owners feel over-regulated, overtaxed and not adequately supported by the state. In economic conditions such as these, it is vital that these owners begin to look out for their best interests. Rising health care costs and the current state of the economy means that businesses must draw crowds into their stores and raise their revenue in order to ensure a profit.

Although the state of California is suffering economically, there are many things small communities can do to draw crowds to their local store. Organizing cash mobs is a great way to draw large crowds of people and boost revenue of struggling businesses. With the constant flow of tourists traveling to California, there is endless opportunity for the growth of small businesses, and drawing swaths of people to a store in a single day is a great way to ensure the survival of small business in the state.

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