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Florida Cash Mobs

When most people think of Florida, pictures of sugar white beaches and gentle surf immediately spring to mind. Florida has faced more than its share of hardship over the past few years. In addition to the hit the state's tourism industry took due to the slumping economy, the BP oil spill effectively shut down half of the state's coast line.

Floridians are an innovative and resourceful group of people. While most of the country has seen a fall in independent business ownership, Florida has seen better than expected growth since 2008. Florida businesses have made use of innovative methods to stay ahead of the rest of the country.

Marketing strategies like cash mobs and social media have proven particularly popular in tourist centered destinations such as Orlando and the state's many beach towns. Florida has also seen an influx of jobs related to the cleanup of the BP spill, which helps to offset the loss of tourism dollars the spill caused.

Learn how innovative Florida business owners are taking creative steps to cut costs and attract new customers as the state's tourist centric economy recovers.