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How to Plan a Cash Mob

Creating a successful cash mob event.

If you want to support a local business in tough economic times, consider organizing a cash mob. Whether you have participated in a cash mob in the past or are a greenhorn, these steps can ensure a successful, beneficial event.

A cash mob is a variant of a flash mob. Flash mobs have called hundreds of people together to perform "spontaneous" acts, such as dancing or kissing. By the same token, cash mobs use social media sites to draw customers to support a local business. On average, mobbers spend $20 in cash, and then meet up at a local food or beverage establishment as a post-mob activity.

There are several important steps you should follow in order to have a successful cash mob. Many of them have to do with planning the event, but there are day-of concerns as well.

  1. 11. Create social media accounts for your idea.
  2. Social media (such as Facebook and Twitter) are key components of planning a cash mob event because they help get the word out quickly! When creating your Facebook and Twitter page, it is always helpful to include the name of your city and “cash mob” in the account name. This will make your profile more recognizable to members within your community. To gain a strong following through social media, start by liking and following local businesses and members of the community. Post regular updates about the event and start conversations to get people excited!

  3. 22. Pick the local business you want to support.
  4. After you begin educating members of the community about cash mobs through social media, pick the local business that you will mob. Ensure that the business you have chosen is ‘mob-worthy’. For example, choose a business that gives back to the community, is financially struggling, is family owned, etc. After you have decided on the location of your cash mob, contact the owner of the local business. This is an important step of the process because the business may need to staff extra workers to accommodate for the influx of people. Meeting with the business owner prior to the mob will also allow you to set a date that will work best with their business schedule.

  5. 3 Choose a meeting place.
  6. Once you have set a date and location for your mob, choose a meeting place where all participants can meet at least 20 minutes beforehand. Make sure the meeting place is within a safe walking distance of the business being mobbed. Reveal this meeting place on your social media outlets, but keep the business being mobbed a secret until the day of the event!

  7. 4Spread the news as much as possible!
  8. Get the publicity going! Do not limit yourself to just social media to spread the word about your event. To inform community members who do not have a social media presence, create an email list or newsletter. Send out regular emails or newsletters with updates about your mob and fun facts. Also, posting flyers around town serves as a great reminder. Contact your local newspaper to inform them about the event. Use keywords such as “local economy” and “job creation” to grab their attention. Give the media your Twitter and Facebook names, but continue to keep the location a secret.

  9. 5Recruit your friends, family and co-workers!
  10. If you own a business or even work for someone else, try to get your employees or co-workers involved. If you can get lots of people to commit, try having everyone wear something with the company logo to draw attention to your company too.

  11. 6Reveal the location!
  12. On the day of the event, send out Twitter and Facebook messages revealing the location of the mob. Once everyone is at the established meeting place, explain any rules and let the mob begin!

  13. 7Celebrate!
  14. When the cash mob is over, all that remains is meeting up at a local restaurant or pub to discuss the event’s success and plan the next day of mobbing. Revel in the success and share the party mood!

A cash mob is not difficult to plan, but adequate publicity and preparation are key to success. By following these steps, you can ensure a successful, safe and positive experience for all involved to support the local businsesses.


How to Plan a Cash Mob