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Lakeland, Florida Cash Mobs Shanes Rib Shack

February 14, 2013Click to subscribe
Time4:00 PM
PlaceShanes Rib Shack

About This Cash Mob:

Some of the best BBQ in Lakeland can be found at Shanes Rib Shack of Lakeland. This Sunday will be the last day to try to save this struggling franchise from closing its doors for good. Please show up with a minimum of $10 to spend and bring lots of friends. It has been scheduled for an off time so that the staff will be able to better handle the influx of guest. Lets go support Shanes and help them turn their business around so we can continue some of the BEST BBQ Lakeland has to offer!

The cash mob will be meeting at Lakeside Village Roundabout.

More Information

What type of business is being mobbed?

BBQ Restaurant

Why is this business worthy of a cash mob?

Shanes Rib Shack of Lakeland is a locally owned franchise that has given back to the community even though it has struggled to keep the doors open during these difficult economic time. Unless they have a great week this week they will be closing the doors on February 18th.

What makes this business unique?

The mob will take place in one of Lakelands premier shopping destinations, Lakeside Village. Lots of surrounding parking and beautiful scenery.

A little more about Lakeland, Florida:

Lakeland is a rural yet growing city situated between tampa and Orlando. The surrounding area is predominantly blue collar and has been really impacted by the economy.


Mob Date is 2.17.13 at 5pm. We will meet at the roundabout in front of Shanes Rib Shack. Please bring a minimum of $10 to spend (you will have wished you brought more after you try to the food... It is amazing).