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Missouri Cash Mobs

Like most states across the nation, Missouri was significantly negatively impacted by the recent recession that rippled through the country. In 2009, the state saw a decline in its gross domestic product for the first time in over a generation. Because of the concentration of economic production in predominantly two counties, Jackson and St. Louis, the state is married to big business for better or worse. Increasing spending in local owned and operated businesses by way of cash mobs can stimulate and diversify the economy.

The trending economic flow in Missouri is centralized mostly in St. Louis and Kansas City. This heavily links the state's economic future to big businesses which are entrenched in these areas. Cash mobs have allowed increased spending in non-traditional ways and helped to stimulate additional economic growth in businesses vested in local and community oriented growth. Recent cash mobs in the Kansas City area were successful in sustaining increased sales in smaller businesses that were targeted, helping to increase foot traffic in both the individual businesses as well as surrounding shops.

By focusing on locally oriented businesses with cash mob events, there is a real and significant increase in consumer spending that is directly linked to local investment.

Discover how cash mobs and spending geared towards locally owned and operated businesses can help rejuvenate community, city and statewide economies in Missouri.