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Napa, California Cash Mob to Help Local Coffee Bar

September 25, 2012Click to subscribe
Time8:00 AM
PlaceNapa Valley Coffee Roasting Company

About This Cash Mob:

Show up at 948 Main St., Napa, CA at 8:00 AM, Saturday Sept. 29, 2012, or any time during the day, to purchase superb coffee drinks, coffee beans, hot chocolate, tea, or pastries from our wonderful local coffee roasting company!

This action is intended to give our community a chance to show its support for a valued locally-owned business, which is being confronted with direct competition from a deep-pocketed national chain store that chose to open directly across the street.

The cash mob will be meeting at 948 Main St., Napa, CA 94559.

More Information

What type of business is being mobbed?

Coffee Bar

Why is this business worthy of a cash mob?

A Starbucks is opening directly across the street from this long-standing locally owned coffee shop. This event is a show of support for Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Company.

What makes this business unique?

Downtown Napa is at a turning point. Newly attractive to tourists, our downtown is facing an inundation of national retail stores. Many of us want to support our long-standing locally owned businesses, like this great little coffee roasting company.

A little more about Napa, California:

Napa is a community of some 80,000 people located in the heart of the famous Napa Valley Wine Country.

  • Posted: 9/25/2012
    Karen says:

    Thanks for this great publicity for Napa's very first Cash Mob! I have no idea what to expect. Strolling musicians, maybe? Free popcorn? Or maybe just 5 of us wandering up to the counter to order our morning lattes. In any event, it will be fun.

  • Posted: 9/25/2012
    jonny says:

    Wishing the best to NVCR. This direct attack is affecting several businesses in the vicinity as well, but none in such direct competition with Starbucks. This will be the 9th Starbucks to open in our community and while it makes sense for them to target the newly rejuvenated downtown area, it's a pretty low blow. The locals have a strong voice though, and we can all make a big impact by supporting the smaller business here. Kudos for the mob!

  • Posted: 9/25/2012
    Karen says:

    Thanks, Jonny. You are right about the impact on neighboring businesses. I'm so sad that Baker Street is having to move on, and I wonder what will happen to the Chinese Restaurant, now that SB is moving in and paying much higher rent.

  • Posted: 9/26/2012
    patty peterson says:

    Many of us feel that the City of Napa should not have allowed SB to open on that particular corner. I fear that this is the beginning of nationals coming into downtown Napa and the local businesses will be priced out of the area.

  • Posted: 9/26/2012
    Cole says:

    They have nothing to worry about if they provide better service, better coffee, and start getting creative with new drinks that mimic the starbucks model type "Coffees". They should just beat SB at their own game. Otherwise, they are doomed. Hey here is an idea. STAY OPEN PAST 6PM and have a place for people to gather.

  • Posted: 9/29/2012
    patty peterson says:

    The Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Company has a new bean blend in honor of their new predatory neighbor. It is called the Slingshot Blend and is very yummy. Come on down and try it!

  • Posted: 9/29/2012
    Karen Garcia says:

    Thanks to all of you who showed up for Napa's first Cash Mob! 130 people came to the Roasting Company between 8:00-10:00. Not all knew about the Cash Mob, but many were interested and signed up to be notified of future events. Special thanks to those who said you'd help organize the next one. Let's see where this goes!

  • Posted: 9/29/2012
    patty peterson says:

    Napa Local is a group of folks who are concerned about the direction our town is taking and continue to support locally owned businesses and the small business owners. You can find us on facebook!