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National Cash Mob Day is March 24, 2012

As National Cash Mob Day (March 24, 2012) looms closer, people across the country prepare to descend on community businesses to save the day – or the business. Since 2011, cash mobs have converged upon mom-and-pop businesses struggling in a downturned economy.

A cash mob brings community members together much like a flash mob; however, instead of the normal flash-mob activities, the cash mob storms the doors of a preselected mom-and-pop business that is often a cornerstone of a community and its history. Each mobber spend a previously agreed upon amount, usually $20.

Successful cash mobs have helped businesses keep things business as usual in the shadow of looming big retailers like Walmart, Home Depot and others that draw larger crowds and more business and often force the doors closed at smaller, local retailers. Cash mobs have helped a hardware store in Cargin Falls, Ohio, a candle store in Wilmington, North Carolina and many others around the nation to continue serving and enriching their communities.

Other local businesses benefit as well when cash mobbers head out for food, drinks and good times after a successful mobbing experience. These community-wide events also rekindle old friendships while providing the opportunity to make many new ones to create a more vibrant and connected community.

Those who wish to organize or participate in a cash mob on March 24, 2012, to celebrate National Cash Mob Day can share or find details via Facebook, Twitter, other social networking sites or word of mouth. Tell us about your cash mob and we will advertise it for you here!


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