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Step One: Cash Mob Event Details

Location of cash mob

Step Two: Promotional Details

  • Evil Squirrel Comics is a neighborhood comic shop.
  • Evil Squirrel Comics is a locally-owned store and, through the years, has done much to give back to the community, including: schools, charities and more! A cash mob at Evil Squirrel Comics will help to keep this business afloat so it can continue to give back to the local economy for years to come.
  • Example:
    A comic book shop in Chicago, Illinois is set to get cash mobbed on Friday, April 20, 2012. A cash mob is a grassroots, community-led movement to support local businesses. With $20 in hand, members of a community come together to shop in a locally-owned establishment to support the area economy. Stay tuned for more details!
  • Evil Squirrel Comics, located at 6982 N Glenwood Ave. in Chicago, specializes in current comics carrying a wide variety of Superhero comics from DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse, Image Comics, IDW Publishing, and other national and local Independent comic book creators, Graphic Novels and HeroClix, Magic: the Gathering and assorted Nerd Paraphernalia. Additionally, Evil Squirrel Comics is widely known for hosting many different types of in-store events such as HeroClix and Magic: the Gathering game-playing sessions, Knit Night on Thursdays, and 'lil Squirrels Reading Time every Thursday morning.
  • Roger’s park is on the far north end of the city of Chicago. Located on Lake Michigan, this area of Chicago was developed on Native American Trails, and was named after a pioneer – Phillip Rogers. Much like many areas around the country, the slumping economy hit the area hard, and many homes, shops, etc. went into foreclosure or bankruptcy. This neighborhood has a diverse population of 54,000 people and is located in cook county.
  • 1. The mob date must be announced at least a week in advance via facebook & twitter.
    2. The location at which to meet will be announced following the local business selection process [via nominating & voting (with the majority ruling)].
    3. The amount to spend will not be more than $20, although people can spend more if they wish.

Step Three: After-Party

Cash mobs will often meet afterward at a local bar to socialize.

  • Examples:
    The Tap Room, Larry's Watering Hole, Big Daddy's
  • Please list all the places you plan on hvaing an after-party after your cash mob.
  • List all of the possible places to possibly have an after-party, and will host a vote.
    We recommend ending it 24 hours before the cash mob.

Step Four: Social Media

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  • Example:!/search/cashmobbing
  • Example:

Step Five: Contact Information

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