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San Antonio Cash Mob on the Horizon

March 4, 2012Click to subscribe

A student in San Antonio, Texas, plans to hold the city’s first cash mob on March 10, 2012. Event organizer Damian Tenorio, a student at Incarnate Word, sees cash mobs as a way for area residents to help support local businesses.

Although the location for the initial cash mob is not yet known, plans are already in place for a second cash mob on March 24. People can visit the San Antonio Cash Mob’s Facebook page and sign up for the events. There, they can also find out more information as the page is updated and additional details are announced. While visiting the page, people can also nominate local businesses for upcoming cash mobs.

Originating in Cleveland, Ohio, and Buffalo, New York, cash mobs are a way to promote local businesses. Using the same concept as flash mobs, cash mobs communicate upcoming activities via social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Groups gather at the specified time and, in the case of cash mobs, they arrive ready to spend money. The establishments where cash mobs occur are typically local businesses with ties to the community. The cash mob group shows up and spends a minimum amount of cash, which is normally announced ahead of time. After they shop, oftentimes the mob participants travel to a local eatery or neighborhood watering hole to socialize.

Incarnate Word student Damian Tenorio is spearheading a cash mob effort in San Antonio, Texas, to help small businesses there. He plans to hold the first cash mob in this city on Saturday, March 10, at a local establishment.


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